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Anonymous asked: Different anon here, but I'm now interested. What about the construction of the movie makes you believe the ending was not reality?

Well, Cobb mentioned how you never know how a dream begins; that you always end up right in the middle of something. This is how the the movie started off. I just find it interesting that Nolan decided to start us off in the middle of a dream rather than in ‘reality.’Also, unlike Nolan’s other films, there were many weird camera cuts. There were instances when a character just seemed to appear places without the movie showing exactly how they got there. It was very ‘jumpy’ and sudden, which to me is what added to the dream-like feel of the movie. And when you look at the characters, most of them were pretty much one-dimensional and had little to no backstory. We all know Nolan is capable of creating great characters, but I felt like he had to step away from what was conventional so that he could stay true to the art of Inception.

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